Free Welcome Class

Students are offered a Free Welcome Class that covers:

  • Art supply stores in your neighbourhood
  • Why paints have various prices and which ones to buy
  • The best brushes to buy for painting with acrylics
  • The importance of good photographs

The free welcome class offers a preview of the paintings you will create in the Introduction to Acrylic Painting classes.

To get started you need supplies. This can be a major stumbling block for many who are considering starting out as it can be so confusing with so many choices. The first segment deals with this problem. The second segment explains why different colours and hues have different prices, and offers advice on which to purchase. The third segment provides an overview of different painting brushes and gives you advice on which to use. The fourth segment offers tips on using good photographs as source material.

Georgia is offering this video free as she feels you need this in order to move forward. In the video she provides insight into the world of paint, brushes and other supplies, with explanations of how to chose what is right for you. She also gives tips on how to save money and recycle some home items.